You are in Lille in 2080 in a futuristic estaminet. The neurons of the Digimiam's cooking Artificial Intelligence have short-circuited! It's now up to you to infiltrate through a laser labyrinth and restore the robotic arms! Will you be able to solve all the original enigmas in immersive sceneries? 

This escape game from JUST ESCAPE is coming late 2020.

More informationhttps://just-escape.fr/en/


TONNERRE is a 7mn long piece of music composed after the painting by Eustache Lesueur (1616 - 1655) La flagellation de Saint Gervais (1654). The composition was inspired by this painting and  performed in Lyon, the museum des Beaux Arts in february 2020. The idea was to make the audience feel the drama of Saint Gervais's history, and it was done beautifully by the vocal ensemble Métaphores conducted by Pascal Adoumbou.

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